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Halal industry has developed to become one of the best product in the tourism industry. These could happen because supported by enhancement of demand which persistent from the Muslim community to different countries. The halal tourism industry record $137 billion in 2012 (except Hajj and Umrah) and expected to $181 billion in 2018 and represent 12.5% of the whole world expanded in the tourism industry.

On the regional and international level, Indonesia has settled in good records in the halal tourism industry. State of the Global Islamic Report and Global Muslim Travel Index consecutive has to decide Indonesia in third and fourth rankings. However is it represent tourism inbound which comes to Indonesia?

In Southeast Asia countries, Indonesia has ranked fourth in the tourism industry after Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand (2016) with tourism inbound around 10 million people, with dominant from Australia, Japan and many else. In this context, Indonesia is left behind with other countries which have the same nature and attraction in Southeast Asia.

Halal Tourism is a goldmine in the tourism Industry; Pew Research has predicted that Muslim community will perceive to 73% of the whole population in the world in 2050.

Based on this prediction, are Indonesia would be prepared enough to compete in the Halal Industry? Or Indonesia will be the follower to other countries like OIC countries (Turkey, Malaysia, Abu Dhabi)? Or it could be worse, Indonesia would follow non-OIC countries like Thailand and Japan?

To accommodate this issue, Asean Youth Development Center presented Halal Tourism Summit in Lombok, Indonesia. This event will discuss and compare countries which applying halal tourism as their primary strategies not only in the government sector, on this sub-discussion we will talk about trend halal tourism in the millennial era which much different from baby boomer or Z generation.




The theme of this halal tourism is The Future of Halal Tourism Development in Indonesia.

  1. To Promote Halal Tourism to the citizen of Indonesia, especially to college students.
  2. Providing an understanding of the development and prospects of halal tourism to business actors who associate with the tourism industry.
  3. Building national and international networks between business actors, governments, and academics to encourage the development of halal tourism in Indonesia.




The participants consist of 150 youths, halal tourism stakeholders in Southeast Asia Countries and Indonesia. 30-40 people from various stakeholders expect from the Halal industry/company. Halal tourism actors, Government agency on halal tourism, NGO related halal industry, Development agency about halal tourism and Finance institutions such as banks and microfinance institutions. Youth participants will be requested to write an essay about the topic of the summit and sub-themes.



  1. Public Lecture by the Tourism Minister of Indonesia with the theme The Forecast of Halal Tourism Indonesia 2030.
  2. The thematic workshop will explore some problem which Government and the people dealing with halal tourism in implementation.
    1. Questioning Hospitality standard toward halal and Muslim friendly in Indonesia and OIC countries.
    2. Comparison between OIC countries manages their halal tourism study case, Malaysia, Turkey and Abu Dhabi
    3. The role of youth in achieving Halal Tourism Indonesia 2020


  1. Plenary sessions
    1. Best Papers from Each Workshop plus Q&A time.
    2. Panel Discussion with 3 Political Islam Actors and 3 Academics/Workshop Coordinators.
    3. Concluding Remarks delivered by the Promotor/Advisor of the Conference.





Workshop of digital branding through social media

National Tourism Digital Demand is one of the criteria that digital rate promotion in the tourism industry. These criteria introduced by the World Economic Forum on their report Travel Tourism Competitiveness Index, these criteria conclude that digital advertising takes a significant role in bringing tourist. On their last report, Thailand ranked number one, and in line with the result, they become the most visited by the tourist in 2017. In consequence, ASEAN Youth Development Centre encourages the participants to make astonishing content that can share in various social media. The goal is clear, how to create successful and compelling content to make people around the world curious about Indonesia. The participants will come with the most popular site on halal tourism in Lombok which is Senggigi beach and Gili Trawangan to get raw content for their post in social media.


Discussion with local

Developing tourism partnership with the locals are inescapable. Locals often described as an object in their homeland, much establishment of the tourism attraction are derive by private or government. However, this approach makes some ineffective, inefficient, and sometimes trigger turmoil between locals and private. However these view has changed, the locals are seat together with the representative (private or government) to build or enhance tourism attraction. Lombok with Senggigi and Gili are the best sample of how developing tourism attraction along with the locals. We are going to discuss with locals and also using Penta helix as a primary argument alongside with government representative and NGO locals.


Explore Lombok, Senggigi, Gili Trawangan

Senggigi and Gili Trawangan are the best spots for tourist attraction in Lombok. These places are the benchmark of how tourist attraction in this context (halal tourism) managed in Indonesia. The participants will experience the beauty of nature and hospitality which offered by the government and people of Lombok. Also, it is not only the beauty of view but the accommodation suits for halal tourism such as mosque availability, restriction of alcohol goods and gambling, etc.

On this event, the participants expect to learn and experience about concept and application of halal tourism also the differentiation of family-friendly and friendly Muslim.



Important Dates

22 October – 10┬áNovember, 2018: Full Essay


Theme of Essay

We invite you to become a presenter of your ideas with the main topic areas as follows:

  1. The Development of Academic Halal Tourism
  • Religious Tourism
  • Halal food and Tourism
  • Ramadhan Tourism
  • Halal tourism economics and finance
  1. Halal Hospitality
  • Certification and standardisation of Halal tourism
  • Role of Hotel in Halal tourism
  • Role of local restaurant and street vendor in halal tourism
  1. Role of Local Government in Halal tourism Industries
  • Halal tourism in the digital era
  • Role of local communities supporting halal tourism
  1. Role of Industry in Halal Tourism
  • Role of airlines in halal tourism
  • Role of Universities in Halal Tourism
  • Role of the travel agent in Halal Tourism




We expect this conference bring a good impact on the government of Indonesia, especially Lombok. Through the concept of halal which applied in the tourism industry are expected to spread and applied to another region in Indonesia, so that augment the differentiation of tourism which offered. Halal tourism is projected to bring in more tourist from OIC countries annually. Besides from OIC countries, halal tourism provides the friendly family package which safer for kids and infant. Therefore, halal tourism not only for one religion but all people, the trend for inbound tourist in OIC countries are positive so this opportunity should not be the last but the priority in tourism industry strategies in Indonesia.


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