Events F.A.Q Youth Halal Conference

FAQ Youth Halal Conference 2019

14 – 17 January 2019, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara – Indonesia




  1. What is Youth Halal Conference?

Youth Halal Conference is a conference for youth that discusses the development of Halal Tourism in Indonesia. Halal tourism actors, Government agency on halal tourism, NGO related halal industry, Development agency about halal tourism and Finance institutions such as banks and microfinance institutions. Youth participants will be requested to write an essay about the topic of the summit and sub-themes.


  1. How to join this event?

You can apply to


  1. What is the requirement(s) of this event?

You have to make an essay in Indonesia language and/or English. The sub-theme is Halal Food, Halal Hospitality, and Halal Tourism. You can download the detail of our event and essay format on the link below.


Poster event


Call for Essay Poster


Proposal Event


Guidebook Event



  1. Is this event free of charge?

No. This is a self-funded program. The fee of this program is IDR 3.000.000,-. It has included accommodation and meal for the whole event. We don’t provide airfare tickets nor any scholarship.


  1. Is there some scholarship to join this event?

No, we don’t offer any kind of scholarship for this conference.


  1. What is the benefit from this event?

The main impact from this Youth Halal Conference is we want to share knowledge about Halal Tourism. We believe Indonesia has various potentials as the best Halal Tourism in the world. Indonesia has various kind of local language, cultures, people, and beautiful nature. However, the system, facilities, also other problems regarding halal tourism in Indonesia still remain because Indonesia still immature. Indonesia still outdated from ASEAN siblings, Singapore and Malaysia. In other hands, as the largest Muslim population in the world, Indonesia still can’t be better than non-Muslim majority countries like Japan and Thailand. These countries have more concern about halal tourism, so the Muslim visitor can have ease traveling, like halal version of traditional culinary and prayer facilities.

In the end, we want this conference will bring a good impact on the government of Indonesia and people of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. We hope this conference will include all youth participate in developing Halal Tourism in Indonesia. The idea, the solution, and the knowledge will spread around and become reality, so the real contribution will speak clear for better and bright Halal Tourism future in Indonesia.