The Trend of Halal Tourism outbound countries

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Halal tourism is a promising trend in the tourism industry. The significant growth is based on expenditure in MENA countries in the tourism industry. Furthermore, MENA countries are ranked second as highest spending followed by North America/Europe as the first. Muslim tourists globally represent as halal tourism a significant niche market that has multiple demographic, […]

Halal Tourism Youth Summit

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Halal industry has developed to become one of the best product in the tourism industry. This could happen because supported by enhancement of demand which persistent from Moslem community to different countries. The halal tourism industry record $137 billion in 2012 (except Hajj and Umrah) and expected to $181 billion in 2018 and represent 12.5% […]

Transaction Cost

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Writer: Muhamad Husni Mubarok   Have you ever wondered, why do goods, merchandises, even services from foreign countries flood your country?  How come they become cheaper than your country’s products? Is it good or bad to your country’s economy? Maybe you will hear people say that it is because of globalization. After hearing that answer […]

The Tourism Goals for Acting Sustainable Development Agenda

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The Global Goals always has vision for transforming our world towards sustainable development of three dimensions: the economic, social and environmental. From the actions of these three dimensions, we have some ideas to achieve this goal with tourism development. Why tourism? Over the decades, tourism has experienced continued growth and deepening ‎diversification to become one […]