About Us

ASEAN Youth Development is established to oversee the issues of youth in ASEAN and focus on the social, economic, cultural, political, and security studies. Through discussion forums and several programs, we aim to build awareness and increase the competence of youths facing global competition. We believe that it takes a collaboration, cooperation and real action among youth in ASEAN to enhance progress in the ASEAN countries.

Our Vision and Mission

Forum for youth build a global communication at regional level as a massive and organized action to change.

Bring Indonesia and ASEAN to be included into the world-classed calculation of the strategic studies on the issues of Security, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

Advance the cognitive, competence, and creativity of Indonesian and ASEAN youth actualizing a dynamic, progressive, and holistic change.

Raise the awareness of youth participating and making a dynamic, progressive, and holistic change.

Become a role model in shaping a dynamic, progressive, and holistic change to respond the global issues.