The Trend of Halal Tourism outbound countries

Halal tourism

is a promising trend in the tourism industry. The significant growth is based on expenditure in MENA countries in the tourism industry. Furthermore, MENA countries are ranked second as highest spending followed by North America/Europe as the first. Muslim tourists globally represent as halal tourism a significant niche market that has multiple demographic, unique needs in the travel and hospitality also. These necessities are lead not only in Muslim majority countries but also in the non-Muslim countries.

Dinar Halal Standard and Crescent Ratings has summarized some of the hospitality which drives from Muslim Tourist in the world. Australia’s Gold Coast is attracting Muslim tourists by offering a Gold Coast Ramadan Lounge. In Thailand, spa-outlets have introduced the concept of Muslim-friendly spas in a bid to lure tourists from the Middle East. Global Health City, in Chennai, India, has gotten Halal certified to serve its growing medical tourists from Muslim countries better. In 2018 Muslim Tourist are expected to expand to 181 billion dollars (excluding Hajj and Umrah), and there is the total of 12.5% and become the highest expenditure than North America in 2012 with 137 billion dollars.

Also, the structure of global Muslim expenditure dominates by the MENA countries with 53% in total. Furthermore, The Republic Islamic of Iran and Saudi Arabia are the highest spending in Muslim Tourist. Moreover, Saudi Arabia was ranked first with Muslim tourism expenditures of $17.8 billion followed by Iran ($14.3 billion), United Arab Emirates ($11.2 billion), Qatar ($7.8 billion), Kuwait ($7.7 billion), Indonesia ($7.5 billion) and Malaysia ($5.7 billion). These top seven source markets accounted for more than half of the total Muslim tourism expenditures.

How about your countries? Are prepare enough to welcomed Muslim Tourist from around the world? Especially from these countries?




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