Halal Tourism Youth Summit

Halal industry has developed to become one of the best product in the tourism industry. This could happen because supported by enhancement of demand which persistent from Moslem community to different countries. The halal tourism industry record $137 billion in 2012 (except Hajj and Umrah) and expected to $181 billion in 2018 and represent 12.5% of the whole world expanded in the tourism industry.

On the regional and international level, Indonesia has settled in good records in the halal tourism industry. State of the Global Islamic Report and Global Muslim Travel Index consecutive has to settle Indonesia in third and fourth rankings. However is it really represent tourism inbound which comes to Indonesia?

In Southeast Asia countries, Indonesia has ranked fourth in tourism industry after Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand (2016) with tourism inbound around 10 million people, with dominant from Australia, Japan and many else. In this context, Indonesia is left behind with other countries which have identical nature and attraction in Southeast Asia.

Halal Tourism is a goldmine in tourism Industry, Pew Research has predicted that Moslem community will perceive to 73% of the whole population in the world in 2050.

Based on this prediction, are Indonesia would be prepared enough to compete in Halal Industry? Or Indonesia will be the follower to other countries like OIC countries (Turkey, Malaysia, Abu Dhabi)? Or it could be worse, Indonesia would follow non-OIC countries like Thailand and Japan?

in order to accommodate this issue, Asean Youth Development Center presented Halal Tourism Summit in Lombok, Indonesia. This event will discuss and compare countries which applying halal tourism as their main strategies not only in the government sector, on this sub-discussion we will talk about trend halal tourism in the millennial era which much different from baby boomer or Z generation.

Please look forward to this events, Thank you.




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