1. Accommodate exchange knowledge of ASEAN youth community for tourism development in their community.
  2. Develop and spread the digital branding tourism as its contributor to local and international tourism.
  3. Build tourism agents for accommodating tourism agenda.

Main Events

  1. Workshop: Tourism Marketing Through Digital Media

As the number one of Natural tourism digital demand in TTCI 2017 (Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index), Thailand can be an example for other countries make digital media as marketing tool promoting their natural resource tourism destination. Promoting through digital media hopefully will reach new segment and interaction between community and tourists. Participants will implement destination branding strategy for market tourism through digital media. The Workshop will conduct a study on several tourism destinations in Thailand and do marketing through a blog, Instagram, Stellar, website, or other social media.

  1. Explore Thailand

Explore some of Thailand destination which it is built by a collaboration of government and community support. This session will observe several destinations directly, so it will make a whole picture the reason why Thailand is the best tourism in ASEAN.

  1. Seminary: Destination Branding Strategy

This seminar will discuss product analysis and marketing of tourism. Perception analysis and tourism preference will discuss in product analysis. World trend, challenges, and opportunities Tourism in Thailand and promoting Tourism using DBS (Digital Branding System) Concept will be conducted in this session.

  1. Comparative Discussion: Destination and Local Tourism Branding

Destination Branding Strategy will discuss in this session; participants will compare tourism strategies in their own country objectively and comprehensively. The main topic of this session is Destination Branding Indonesia and Thailand, and Local Branding Tourism of Bali and Pattaya.

Important Dates

Registration: 11 December 2017 – 5 January 2018

Please register yourself at

After you’ve filled this form, you will receive an email of confirmation from us within 2 working days. If you don’t receive it yet within the promise days, please tell us through our contacts (our person in charge, Line, Facebook, or DM Instagram).


Administration Payment: 20 December – 8 January 2018

This event is a Self-paid program. The amount is 420 USD. The payment is including the necessary accommodation during in Thailand, they are:

  1. hotel,
  2. transportation during the program (exclude airfare ticket),
  3. breakfast and lunch,
  4. seminar kit.

Please scan the transfer receipt and send it via email with your travel documents. The committee will send proof payment receipt within 7 working days.

Cancellation Policy!

Cancellation must be confirmed in writing (via email). If we receive notice of your withdrawal before 10 January 2018, cancellation administrative fee will be charged. Thereafter, we regret that we are unable to refund any fees.


Sending Your Aboard Documents: 20 December 2017 – 10 January 2018

You’re aboard document need for our data during in Thailand. Please keep in mind that these documents for our safety. The documents that must be sent to email are:

  1. a scan of passport and/or visa,
  2. scan permission letter from the parents/guardian (for minor age student).


Technical Meeting (Jakarta, Indonesia): 12 January 2018

This technical meeting for explaining more about the travel. Participants can discuss with the committee the detail of everything about the event. The participant who can’t reach Jakarta can join this meeting at Instagram Live on the same day. We will open meeting in Bahasa and English. The place and time will announce at least 1 week before the day.


Meet at Thailand: 22 January 2018

We provide an airport shuttle for participants. We suggest you either Suvarnabhumi International Airport or Don Mueang International Airport. Please choose the flight which arrives on this day around morning or noon (at least 16.00 Thailand Time). We don’t provide night airport shuttle.

Enjoy your Amazing Thailand: 23 – 25 January 2018

Departure: 26 January 2018

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