The Warmth of Amazing Thailand

Have you a bucket list of holiday destination in South-east Asia ? Why are you want to go there?

The beauty of south-east Asia is known for their nature and friendliness of the people. The World recognizes it by coming to the countries which they said beautiful. Bali in Indonesia once becomes the most popular island of tourism in the world. Yet it is no longer. The Rise of Southeast Asia countries in tourism become one of the causes.  The total of tourist arrivals in ASEAN is increased each year. The number is reached eight digit which means there is hundred million tourists come to ASEAN countries. ASEAN has recorded since 2011 Malaysia become the largest tourist arrivals. Yet in 2013 Thailand has surpassed it, by the difference about 1 million. However, both countries are still top two.

The Southeast Asia countries shared same value and attractiveness in tourism Industry. Nature and culture are the following words to describe it. However, the data of tourism arrival is not same each other. The lowest countries are Brunei Darussalam which share about 218.000 in 2015 and the highest is Thailand which shares 29.881 Million. The gap of the top three with the remains countries is too high in SEAS region.

One of the reasons is how the country maintains their marketing. Amazing Thailand is popular tagline which produces from Thailand Government and launched in 2014.  It’s the same with Malaysia truly Asia and wonderful Indonesia. However, Thailand is the number one of Natural Tourism Digital Demand category on TTCI 2017 (Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index). These tourism strategies, especially its marketing have an interesting outline of ASEAN Tourism for supporting tourism development.

Thailand is the best example how tourism industry; unique marketing strategy for promoting its tourism. As a result, tourism Thailand growth has a contribution of GDP and employment above ASIA-Pacific. In order learn about Thailand and its tourism marketing strategy support its development, ASEAN Youth Development Center (AYDC) initiates “Tourism Digital Branding Strategy” to learn directly on the sacred land of the tourism industry in SEAS countries. ASEAN Youth Development Center will conduct a seminar and workshop “ASEAN Tourism Branding” to learn more about strategic marketing for tourism in Thailand and apply it in each country.

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