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ASEAN Youth Development Center collaborated with Sharia Economic Forum of Gunadarma University and Islamic Economics Forum For Indonesia Development– International Islamic University of Malaysia have successfully held The ASEAN Islamic Economic Summit (AIES 2017).

With a great theme “Achieving Synergies among ASEAN Member Countries toward Sustainability of Islamic Financial Development”, AIES 2017 has a vision to accommodate shared ideas, initiatives, and experiences between youths and some expertise through paper study, to improve the knowledge and skill through international networks and overseas experience in Global Islamic Finance.

The event was held on February 28th – March 4th in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It has several event series, which are Paper and Essay Competition, Grand Seminar and Conference, Group Discussion, Company Excursion, and City Tour. There were 36 selected delegates of this event.

Grand Seminar & Conference of AIES 2017 was held in Mini Auditorium of International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM). It had 3 session and 8 speakers which are:

The Keynote Speaker of Day 1:

Prof.Dato’ Dr. Ahamed Kameel Mydin Meera (Dean of Institute of Islamic Banking & Finance, International Islamic University of Malaysia &  The Managing Director of The Z Consulting Group)

SESSION 1: “Regionalization of Islamic Banking

Speaker 1:


Nor Shahrizan Sulaiman
(Deputy CEO of Maybank Islamic Berhad)
Presented about: Promoting Islamic Banking as Global Market Leader

Speaker 2:


Mohammad Mahbubi Ali
(Researcher Fellow at IAIS Malaysia)

Presented about: Regulating Sharia Advisors across Jurisdictions

SESSION 2: “Human Resources Development on Islamic Banking


Kunrat Wirasubrata, SE. MBA.
( Acting Director of Islamic Development Bank)

Presented about: Being Global Leader in Islamic Financial Development

The Keynote Speech of Day 2:

Prof. Jamal Othman, Ph.D (Professor of Faculty of Economics and Management, Universiti Kebangsaam Malaysia)

SESSION 3: “Integration of Islamic Capital Market”

Speaker 1:

Prof. Dr. Engku Rabiah Adawiah ”
(Professor of Islamic Capital Market, International Islamic University Malaysia)

Presented about: “Promoting Risk-Sharing based Securities in Islamic Capital Market”

Speaker 2:

Irwan Abdalloh, SE. MM ”
(Head of Islamic Capital Market Development at Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX))

Presented about: “Innovative Islamic Models for Islamic Capital Market”

Speaker Day 3:

Mrs. Raziah (Manager of Islamic Finance Center – Bank Negara Malaysia)

Presented about: “Global Islamic Finance Investment and Opportunities”

Beside The Grand Seminar and Conference, AIES 2017 had Grand Presentation of Paper and Essay from the selected delegates. It was divided into 3 cluster based on their sub-theme: Islamic Banking, Islamic Human Resource Development, and Islamic Capital Market. There were only 3 of best finalist who would present in The Grand Presentation and Conference. The best 3 paper and essays are:

Sofiatul Amrih (Brawijaya University)

With The Paper: “The Urgency of Sharia Bank System for Fisherman: Indonesia Acceleration  to Achieve As A Prominent World Maritime Country”

Putri Maulidiyah (State Islamic University of Sunan Ampel

With The Paper: “Synergy of Sharia Financial Intitution in Society Economic Development”


Irsa Wafiatul Qisthi (Sunan Kalijaga University)

With The Paper: “Improving The Quality of Islamic Finance Human Resources in Indonesia through Community-Industry Collaboration”



On The day-3, AIES 2017 held a company excursion. It had a purpose to engage and know more about companies in Islamic Finance. It was held in Central Bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara Malaysia), and Islamic Development Bank (IDB).

The last agenda of The ASEAN Islamic Economic Summit 2017 is city excursion. It was held to refresh the mind of the whole participant. There were many beautiful places in Malaysia which had been visited.

“ASEAN Islamic Economic Summit is a big pilot project to provide the platform for to bring together the scholars, the academics, and the youth from all over the world to participate and contribute as the part of the development of Islamic Economics and Finance. It starts from panel discussion to focus group discussion. Great experience cannot just be gained from the study in classrooms, but it also needs to be gained through wider interactions with other stakeholders of the industry”, said Farouk Abdullah Alwyni, MA., MBA., ACSI. (The Advisor of ASEAN Islamic Economic Summit and The Chairman of Center For Islamic Studies in Finance, Economics and Development (CISFED) )


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