Our Concern and Value

Youth Empowerment

Empower the youth of ASEAN. Our organization focuses on processes that encourage youth to develop the self-potential and foster the self-confidence. The program is expected making the youth to actively contribute in making decision by overcoming the problems in regional or global level.

Social Networking Collaboration

ASEAN Youth Development program refers to a process that can help its members and also all stakeholders involved in sharing information to achieve. Through the social networking collaboration that is not limited to anyone, ASEAN youth can engage in discussions which were held. At this point, each ASEAN youth can deliver their ideas and collaborate to build a large circle of networking.

Economic Enhancement

ASEAN Youth Development also encourages youth to be a major driver in the growth of the world economy through the youth entrepreneurship and the creative economy. With their spirit, innovation, creativity, and sophisticated, we believe that young people can play an active role for the ASEAN economic resilience in ASEAN and in the world.



Participating in ASEAN Islamic Economic Summit (AIES) is one of the most invaluable experiences I have gained during my college years. This program brought me the opportunity to actualize myself and improve my knowledge of Islamic Economics. AIES also offered unique insight into Islamic finance through a series of seminar sessions with renowned speakers and an educational tour to related institutions in Malaysia. Not only did this program broaden my horizon, but it also allowed me to build a network that has helped me continue learning and growing.

Irsa Wafiatul Qisthi UIN SUKA Yogyakarta

Learning Islamic economics is learning human being, contructing the idea in the border of sharia principles. Here, ASEAN Islamic Economic Summit led me to look wider the world, to think further the Idea of “What should we do?”, as the youth in Islamis economics and finance. Seminar sessions of summit integrated the theory to the practice in the real world to deserve the better of economics among human being. This is the worth agenda that shoud not be dismissed because experience taught us more that theories.

Nuha Qonita Durham University